Projects funded

While partially funded by the local authority, the school relies on funds raised from the network of individuals, local businesses and neighbouring communities who ensure the continued investment in the infrastructure required to maintain the highest standards of the school.

Last year the money raised was used to upgrade the use of technology within the school.  Funds are also made available for curriculum enhancing activities such as; workshops with artists or authors, school trips, and pantomimes for Christmas. More details can be seen on our website.

This year the school is launching a two year fundraising programme, aiming to raise £160,000.  We need this money to repair and improve the roof and playground, which is situated above the school. Your generous support would be most appreciated.

In previous years the money raised was used to assist with the redevelopment of the third floor of the school. This included upgrading the classrooms and childrens’ lavatories.  A reading room was also converted from a disused storage space, which has become the home of the school’s reading scheme.